Wednesday, February 17, 2010

November 2k9 Reverse Migrating Tarpon

The month of November brought us some awesome action for both large and small Tarpon in the back country. I fished with both fly and light tackle spinning gear throughout the month. I enjoyed fishing with several different people and watched the landscape unfold in front of the flats boat. It was wonderful to see some anglers, who spend months of the year dreaming of catching Tarpon in the Florida Everglades, come down and live through the things they had dreamed and we had planned together. Some of the anglers who have fished with me this fall have fish with me in the past and it is always really cool for me to see the evolution of the sport for each angler and the culmination of many years worth of practice and patience. When it all comes together is feels so right and it is very special for me to be apart of it.