Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Late December/ January Redfishing in Charlotte Harbor

Over the span of a few weeks the Redfishing has been terrific. We have had several early morning low tides with tailing redfish in the waters around Boca Grande. I have been poling the Action Craft 1710 TPS just as slowly and as quietly as I can in the first three hours of daylight. In some cases when the angler, the guide, and the equipment we use is all working properly we have been able to lace up some beautiful Redfish in water less than 10 inches deep. In other circumstances (and those of you who have fished for tailing Reds know what I mean), it has been very close with little of nothing to show for it. In addition to the early morning tailing we have found several schools of Reds in the middle of the day when the sun is high enough to allow us to search for them on the bottom. These sight fishing conditions have been what has motivated us in the middle of the day.