Thursday, December 9, 2010

With the approaching cold front, the Redfish were fired up. We found several different schools of Reds tailing just after low tide in the evening last week. After the first evening this past week on the reds I took the trolling motor, batteries, and everything out of the Action Craft 1710 flats boat we did not need so we could pole the boat in 7" of water or less. One morning I went out for a 1/2 day in the early morning (very cold, heavy NW wind) and found tailing redfish on the edge of the turtle grass flats, on a seriously minus tide when the rest of the flats were bone dry. There were thousands of Egrets migrating through our area last week and we counted over 300 on one Turtle Grass flat around 7:00 am. What a sight to see all these beautiful white birds dancing and juggling around for position on the flats with Tailing Redfish mixed right in with them. If water temps do not drop too much in the coming weeks I expect the fishing for Reds with the fly and light tackle spinning gear to be as good as it gets ! Trout are also around in good numbers right now but remember the season is closed until January 1st on all trout in our area.