Wednesday, February 17, 2010

October in the Everglades Backcountry, Snook & Tarpon

With warm weather and great tides comes good fishing to those that can enjoy being in the right place at the right time. I fished the Everglades Back country for Snook and small Tarpon along the muddy banks of several different river systems that have become my favorite place to be in the fall. The bait is pouring out of the small rivers and streams that feed the larger bays and the Southern Migrating Tarpon gather in the fall to feed before the long winter. This month we have found several schools of fish feeding in less than 12 inches of water. Because they are so eager to feed at the beginning of the incoming tide, at times we were forced to get out of the shallow draft flats boat and walk across the flat to reach the fish. As the tide started to rise I would make my way back to the boat and pole across the flat as soon as there was enough water to move through as the fish were moving inland towards the headwaters of the system.
As the waters would rise we would fish from the boat and target the Snook and Tarpon along the edge of the flats. At times we found the Tarpon very receptive to top water and small steamer flies, but shortly after the fish were caught from an area, we needed to move on to find new water. We had some great action with terrific aerials put on by the Tarpon. Most of the fishing we have been doing in the back country for Snook and small Tarpon we have been doing with an eight or nine weight fly rod and a floating line. The leader is very simple with a standard shock near the fly of at least 25lb. test line, sometimes 60 lb. test if the Tarpon are larger than 20 lbs.