Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Performance Data Yamaha F70

At 257 lbs this motor is 10 lbs. lighter than the Yamaha T60 that was on this boat last year. I have had a chance to run the motor with three different props and have found the prop that I was using last year {Mercury Vengeance 14P} is still the best prop for this boat. Top RPM is around 5800 and this motor is rated for 6300 Max RPM. I have tested the boat with a heavy load and light load. Immediately you feel the acelleration kick in around 3750 RPM. This means that there is better acceleration after this point. It does not change the actual hole shot if you are in a limmited space or in super shallow water. Top speed on the boat went from 32 MPH to 36 MPH. The cruise speed went from 25 MPH to 28 MPH at 4500 RPM. The fuel consumption at the cruise speed went down. The MPG went from 6 MPG at cruise speed with the T60 to 7 MPG with the new F70. The boat handling seems to be exactly the same.